This my mission:
Bring ideas to life that make this world
a better or at least more fun place to live in.

Living up to my mission two ways:
1*Realizing own ideas • 2*Consulting others

And Remember:

You can´t start a fire without a spark
— Bruce Springsteen

Btw: This is me – Martin FErfers.
architect of ideas, Firestarter, Rocketlauncher, inventor, trying to inspire

  • Founded a small webdesign agency while still being in school.
  • Studied arts/film/literature and European Business – and always thought I had to decide between entertainment and entrepreneurship. We´ll see…
  • After finishing uni and weighing lots of ideas, I co-founded Grünspar with one of my best pals Sebastian Kotzwander and invented a paper-saving paper bin.
  • My wish to work on more ideas led me to three inspiring companies: Sturm und Drang (insight based innovations) Zukunftsinstitut (trend and future studies) and supersieben (business consulting) – the latter focusing on building brands and helping companies to sell more in the most thought through way I can think of.
  • I love honesty in food and people. Both are mostly great. Close runner-ups on my private passion hitlist: travelling, humor, electronic music.
  • Proud Kraut: I was born in Neuss, Germany.
  • This is what I am doing now